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Suitable for exterior use


Window and door sill tape to create water proof connections to and under frames.


  • Protects structural elements from water ingress: watertight, vapour retarding and blocks rising moisture
  • Extremely high adhesion even to slightly damp and cold surfaces
  • Very elastic and self-sealing: can adapt flexibly to rough substrates and corners, self seals around nail and screw holes
  • Split release paper allows for step by step application to frame, sill and vertical sheathing
  • Best IAQ, no VOC off gassing, per AgBB/ISO 16000


  • Bonds to Pro Clima membranes, exterior gypsum, solid wood surfaces, polyethylene, metal, foil, house wraps and wood sheathing
  • Bonds to brick, concrete and wood fiber boards, etc. when prepared with TESCON PRIMER RP


  • Adhesive: Butyl adhesive modified with acrylic PSA - elastic PE carrier film
  • Release paper: tear resistant silicone-coated PE-film
  • Vapour permeance: <0.03 perms (impermeable)
  • Temperature resistance: -40 C to +80 C
  • UV/weather Resistance: 6 months of exposure


150 mm x 20 m (6" x 65' 7")
200 mm x 20 m (8" x 65' 7")
300 mm x 20 m (12" x 65' 7")