Double-stud construction was conceived as a straightforward methodology for highly insulated, high-performance construction. While all the Smart Enclosure Assemblies are highly insulated compared to typical construction, the double-stud assembly is closest in approach to “superinsulated” pioneers of the 1960s and 1970s.

Today, with the rise of energy efficient construction again, the double-stud assembly and its general simplicity in approach are becoming more popular again too.

This type of wall can be built quickly with standard methods and keeps the material pallet very simple. With our Smart Enclosure approach, by adding ProClimas's durable, 100 year tested airtightness and advanced INTELLO vapour control, our system truly makes double-stud assemblies high performance.

In the 21st century, our wood buildings also need to be made as energy efficient as possible to help fight climate change. Their operational energy use should be reduced to Passive House levels that can result in net zero emissions. This can be done safely and robustly. We can make them Smart Enclosures. Be sure to review the underlying logic, principles, and tiers in the introductory videos below, and make the Smart Enclosure that best meets your project’s goals.