2x Framing

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Wood stick-frame construction led a revolution in building starting in the 1830s. One hundred years later platform framing began superseding balloon framing. But it wasn’t until advanced framing was developed in the 1970s that higher levels of performance were systematically pursued in 2x framed assemblies. Even today advanced framing is largely ignored by industry and the 2x framed building commonly provides poor performance. This should not be the case.

Not only should we learn the lessons of advanced framing, but also the usefulness of continuous insulation and airtightness, which basic building science tells us will achieve greater efficiency and sustainability. In the 21st-century, we need to be more aggressive and view each new building as an opportunity to help fight climate change.

We need to build like the future depends on it.

We can transform the 2x framing approach into a high-performance Smart Enclosure, providing optimized comfort, safety, energy efficiency, and negative carbon emissions. From a Tier 1 modified default approach to a Tier 3 optimized approach a 2x framed building can, and should, produce exemplary results. Today’s buildings should be energy efficient carbon sinks that remain carbon negative. Let’s make all of our wood framed buildings Smart Enclosures.

Be sure to review the underlying logic, principles, and tiers in the introductory videos below, and make the Smart Enclosure that best meets your project’s goals.