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This tape is being restocked as the new SOLIDO IQ. 475 will substitute any rolls of this product with SOLIDO IQ if supplies run out.

Suitable for exterior use


Versatile, vapour open, exterior air sealing fleece-backed tape with additional full-surface adhesive that negates the need for a primer in most situations. Use for exterior window and door, air sealing and weather protection.


  • Modified SOLID acrylic adhesive, for durable and permanent bonds
  • Stretchy, waterproof, vapour-open, air sealing
  • Very watertight, resists more than 2.5m (8'2") of water column
  • 300 mm (11 3/4”) wide version can be used for protection rough opening prior to framing inspection
  • Use for interior and exterior corners of ADHERO applications


  • Exceptional bonding to masonry, concrete, fibrous wood, solid wood, and all Pro Clima materials
  • Adheres to many porous, rough and uneven substrates without need for primer (perform adhesion test to confirm)
  • Adhesion test recommended on PVC/fiberglass/alum. window frames ‚Äì production oils/silicone residues might need to be cleaned off for proper long term adhesion


  • vapour open fabric (5 perms) – Sd-value 0.7m (DIN 12572)
  • Adhesive: full-surface, single-sided (for double-sided option see CONTEGA SOLIDO EXO-D)
  • Application temperatures down to -10 °C (14 °F)
  • More than 2.44 m (8 ft) of water column
  • Fleece side can be plastered over for an airtight and seamless and waterproof connection, also in EIFS construction
  • The extra thin fleece allows the tape to be folded in corners and other tight connections
  • Multiple release strips make corners easy: 80 mm roll (2-strip release), 150 mm roll (3-strip release)


Roll Length:

30 m (98’ 51/8”)

Width Options:

80mm (See CONTEGA SOLIDO IQ 80 mm]

150mm (5 7/8”) [3-strip release: 20/70/60 mm (¾" / 2 ¾" / 2 ⅜")]

300mm (11 3/4”) [3-strip release: 20/140/140 mm (¾" / 5 ½" / 5 ½")]