2x Framing Construction Gallery

2x Framing Construction Gallery

The 2x framing construction photo gallery is a companion resource to the 2x Framing eBook, CAD DWG files, 2x framing videos and reference list. Use the eBook, dwgs, references and pictures together to get the fullest understanding of these Smart Enclosure strategies.


Floor conditions may be at a cellar slab on grade with a conditioned cellar or basement. It may also be at the ceiling of the cellar or the floor of the ground level with an unconditioned cellar or basement condition.

Gutex MUTLITHERM edges protected with TESCON VANA tape. Mineral wool insulation extends to grade.


Whether Tier 1, 2 or 3 the insulation and airtightness must be continuous.

Horizontal battens over the INTELLO PLUS membrane from a service cavity that may be used to provide additional insulation if desired.
Sheathingless wall framing shows diagonal metal and let-in wood strapping instead of sheathing.
The reinforced SOLITEX MENTO PLUS airtight WRB is installed on the sheathingless framing.
Prior to the installation of the interior air barrier, the sheathingless wall let-in diagonal wood bracing is visible as well as the back side of the SOLITEX MENTO PLUS. (Note diagonal metal strapping is also visible at the roof.)
Strapping over DB+ paper-based airtight smart vapour retarder forms a service cavity for electrical wiring and outlets. (At the roof above too.)
Black-on-black FRONTA QUATTRO provides heavy-duty weather protection for open joint rainscreen siding. Black TESCON INVIS tape completes the disappearing act. Vertical wood strapping will support the siding.
Gutex wall build-up mockup with two layers of THERMOSAFE WD with a cover layer of MUTLITHERM.
ProClima Intesana (INTELLO X predecessor) installedinstalled over the sheathing provides a temporary WRB for the building. The Gutex build-up topped with MULTITHERM rises and will provide the ultimate WRB and outboard wind-tightness.
SOLITEX MENTO 1000 with seams taped with TESCON VANA.
To support vertical siding vertical battens and then horizontal battens are installed.
Diagonal battens over SOLITEX MENTO PLUS with an insect screen applied at the base.


Anything building components that penetrate the control layers need to be fully integrated: windows, doors, skylights, pipes, ducts, wires and more. To the extent that we can limit the penetrations, we ensure a more robust performance of the enclosure. And, for the love of god, do not use spray foam at penetrations - it will crack and fail. Be sure to use flexible materials, combined in flexible ways, such as with a little slack, that can move with the building and don’t become brittle over time.

Window opening is prepped with EXTOSEAL ENCORS sill tape extending a few inches up each jamb over the SOLITEX MENTO PLUS WRB. The interior DB+ airtight smart vapour retarder membrane is visible and ready to be connected to the installed window.
Close-up view.
Folded over TESCON PROFIL is preinstalled on the window frame prior to installation to provide a “zero reveal” install.
Before the tape is attached to the interior air barrier, HAVELOCK WOOL insulation is installed in the gap between the window frame and surrounding framing.
A completed window install with INTELLO PLUS inboard airtight smart vapour retarder.
Pro Clima VISCONN liquid membrane around joist ends goes on blue and dries black.
Pipe penetrations are sealed with flexible ROFLEX gaskets, taped to the INTELLO PLUS with TESCON VANA tape.


Working from the bottom up, a sheathingless roof receives SOLITEX MENTO 1000 airtight WRB. The seams are taped with TESCON VANA and battens and cross battens are installed forming a lattice ladder to work from.
Even odd geometries are possible.
Here, SOLITEX MENTO PLUS is taped with TESCON VANA and strapping secured above.
The backside of the SOLITEX MENTO PLUS is visible above, while below strips of INTELLO PLUS have been installed to receive interior stud walls while ensuring simple inboard airtightness continuity.
INTELLO PLUS at the roof structure forms the top of a service cavity filled with ventilation pipes.
INTELLO PLUS at a sloped roof with strapping for a service cavity.
Structural penetrations are taped at the INTELLO PLUS with TESCON VANA. (TESCON PROFIL is recommended due to its split backing.)
Clean wall-roof transition with INTELLO PLUS and furring.