Lamilux FE 3-Degree

Available for custom orders - contact us for details


High performance triple pane skylight with built in 3-degree slope and  a thermal bridge free frame. For use on flat roofs.


  • Specific flat roof design: integrated drip edge, curb and airtightness
  • Insulated fiberglass sandwich curb makes thermal-bridge-free installation simple, fast, and reliable
  • Insulated aluminum frame is thermal bridge free - minimize heat loss and risk of condensation
  • Wide range of accessories available including manual and electric spindles, insect screens and chain drive
  • Visible frame has a cold rolled aluminum finish.
  • RAL powder coated aluminum frame and other custom solutions, sizes and glass are available upon request


  • Can be installed in roof pitches as low as 3°, >5° recommended to keep glass clean. Max roof pitch 25° (6:12 pitch)
  • Uglass: 0.6 W/m2K (0.105 BTU/hr.ft2.°F ) per EN 673
  • Upstand of 7 7/8" (200 mm) insulated with 2 3/8" (60 mm) PU foam (0.023 W/mK)
  • SHGC: 0.32 (as high as 0.49 by special order)
  • Visual Transmittance: 0.60
  • Unit closed with white Z-clip on one side

Standard size skylights are available with an insulated curb from the manufacturer as listed on the size chart.
Custom-size skylights tailored to project requirements are available
with a conversion adapter for attachment with a site-built curb. Please
request a quote to learn more.

Project Examples

Lamilux FE with a thermal bridge free frame to optimize high performance construction.

Lamilux FE Circular skylight is fitted on a circular, thermal bridge free, insulated curb made of fiber-reinforced composite.

Lamilux FE 3 Degree high performance triple pane skylight with a built-in 3-degree slope.

Lamilux FE Exit Hatch triple pane roof access skylight, manually operated via pneumatic pistons using lockable latch.