Intro to Fakro Skylights

Intro to Fakro Skylights

Since its founding in 1991, Fakro has grown to become a global competitor in the skylight market by prioritizing health, safety, security, and environmental impact. 475 High Performance Building Supply has distributed Fakro pitched roof skylights in North America for over a decade, including the FTT U6 triple pane and the FTT U8 PHI Certified model. The frames in Fakro skylights is FSC pinewood – valued for its sustainable aspects as a carbon sequestering building material. These Fakro skylights provide best in class u-vales, while allowing for optimized solar gains. It’s frames and insulated flashing kits are optimized to minimize thermal bridging which improves the overall thermal performance of the installation and assembly. In addition to the operable U6 & U8 models, 475 supplies the FNP permanently fixed skylight - with 20% SHGC glass - ideal for fixed skylight that can’t be exterior shaded - as well as the DXW flat roof walkable skylight.

Pitch Pitched
>15° / 3:12
>15° / 3:12
>15° / 3:12
<15° / 3:12
Fixed / Operable Operable - Center pivot Operable - Center pivot Fixed Fixed - Walkable

FTT U6 - Pitched Roof, Center Pivot Skylight

The innovative design of the Fakro FTT U6 provides optimum insulation while allowing for high solar gains. The glazing is set in a specially-designed, thick, timber frame that reduces thermal bridging and improves the overall thermal performance of the structure. An FTT window is opened with a center pivot for easy ventilation of the space and cleaning of the outside. This skylight has an R-value of 7.1, window U-value of 0.14 BTU/hft²F (0.7 W/m²K), and glazing U-value of 0.088 BTU/hft²F (0.49 W/m²K). An innovative support mechanism allows the sash to open freely between 0-40 degrees and remain steady at the chosen inclination. Available in small to very large dimensions, these skylights can provide ample light in attics, cathedral ceilings, and other sloped roof conditions.

FTT U8 - Pitched Roof, Center Pivot Skylight, Passive House Certified

Photo: Greg Duncan Architect

A step up from the U6 performance-wise, the quadruple-pane FTT U8 boasts a quadruple airseal at the wood frame and is PHI Certified. It achieves a Uw value of 0.58 W/m²K, a Ug value of 0.3 W/m²K, and an R-Value of 9.8. Like the U6, it is set in a specially-designed sash frame that offers a wider wooden profile than standard windows. The FTT U6 and U8 look identical, however the crucial difference is the additional pane in the U8, making it the most efficient Fakro pitched skylight offering from 475.

FNP - Fixed Skylight

FNPs are fixed skylights for pitched roofs. They are triple paned with a SHGC of 20% for code compliance in North America climate zones without the need for exterior shading. The frame structure of the window and glazing units applied provide excellent thermal insulation properties when used with THERMO flashing. It has a low Uw-value of 0.17 BTU/hft²F (0.9 W/m²K), and a Ug-value of 0.088 BTU/hft²F (0.5 W/m²K). FNP skylights are suitable for roof pitches between 15º-90º, and are stocked in several sizes for fast delivery in North America.

DXW - Walkable Skylight

The DXW is a flat-roof skylight with specifically produced load bearing outer pan with a non-slip coating. This triple paned unit is suitable for roof pitches between 0º-15º. This skylight provides benefits daylight to spaces below, while maintaining a completely flat, walkable surface when installed on terraces or green roofs. The frame is made of a multi-chamber, insulated, and partially recycled PVC material that is highly resistant to acids and moisture absorption. The frame is filled with insulation material and the skylight IGU it triple-paned with a U-value of 0.22 BTU/hft²F. Designed for quick installation with profiles that clamp the roofing material.

Fakro Accessories

Specific selected accessories are provided by 475 to assist architects, contractors and building owners to enhance the performance of each skylight and the comfort in the home. Including insulated flashing kits for standing seam metal, tile or asphalt single roofs. Motorized operation of the sash. PV powered exterior or interior shades. Interior black out shades and insect screens.