How to Specify a Lamilux PR-60

How to Specify a Lamilux PR-60

Skylights are excellent design tools to bring natural light into a space that might otherwise be reduced to a dark, dismal room. Beyond that, it can enhance the aesthetic of an interior space, even becoming a standout feature.

The Lamilux PR-60 system not only offers the traditional and plentiful benefits of daylighting, but it goes the extra mile. It does this first in performance - each project will be custom engineered so it transitions with smooth isotherms and connects seamlessly into the insulated thermal envelope. A true high-performance system glass roofsystem that is the only Passive House Certified component (link) of it's kind available in North Amerca. The insulated frames also assures healthy Indoor air quality in the building by preventing condensation as shown by compliance with PHI Hygiene criteria of Passive House.

Secondly, (and a point of great pride for us), its unique engineering caters to a designer’s hand. The PR-60 is system is flexible and can meet a myriad of design needs. Its profiles offer extremely stable support, delivering both thermally-broken, energy-efficiency and design flexibility with practically no constraints for anything from a 2° to 90° pitch. It is also capable of transitioning from flat or pitched roof - to vertical walls in each direction.

The combination of exceptional energy-efficiency and design versatility is achieved by means of meticulously engineered system which employs some three unique features:

Lamilux "IsoThermal Load Converter” (ITL) Structural loads from the glass roof assembly are transmitted into the supporting structure, freeing the base profile of loads and stresses. This load-shift enables the use of materials with excellent heat insulation properties that optimize isothermal properties, ensuring the whole system is a thermally optimized, torsion-proof, interlocked structure.
Lamilux "Thermo Active Design” (TAD) The PR-60 utilizes a patented structural ribbing system below the glass which takes advantage of the indoor heat energy. This leads to an increase in the surface temperature on the aluminum frame, that complies with the hygiene requirements of PHI and very low Uframe values < 1.5 W/[m²K] (0.26 BTU/hr/ft²F).
Lamilux “Dynamic Layered Seal” (DSD) There are two airtight and waterproofing layers. They are offset from each other- both vertically and horizontally, which provides for additionally protecting against water intrusion and acts as a vapour barrier as well. DSD is a joint-free, continuous overlapping multistage sealing system, with secondary drainage in the inner sealing layer.

The versatility of the PR-60 spans from a sweeping glass roof designed to brighten a photographer’s studio, or a prism-like pyramid for the Peace Pentagon retreat, efficiently braving extreme weather conditions to ensure comfort. It offers highly customizable designer glass roof - this means you get to pick and choose the ideal combination of performance and design factors for a personalized, skylight solution.

Since the PR-60 offers such a wide variety of design choices and accessories, specifying them accurately and thoroughly is a challange. We are here to help, and so we’ve created these guidelines, laying out the key product attributes that need to be defined to ensure a PR-60 is properly specified:

How to use this guide:

And there you have it! You now have everything ready to specify your Lamilux PR-60 skylight, an unparalleled high-performance system tailored to your design needs.

For a list of available specs and sizes please visit the respective product page on our Daylighting Website.