Introduction to VISCONN: The Multi-Purpose Liquid-Applied Air Barrier

Introduction to VISCONN: The Multi-Purpose Liquid-Applied Air Barrier

Introduction to VISCONN:

The Multi-Purpose Liquid-Applied Air Barrier

One of our most frequently asked questions is: “Do you have a liquid applied air barrier and WRB that works with the Pro Clima airtightness system?” Thanks to the diligence of the product development team at Pro Clima responding to our requests, the answer is now: “Yes, we have just the thing.”

Introducing VISCONN (aka AEROSANA® VISCONN, per European labeling). This high-quality, water-based acrylic dispersion air barrier comes with all the features you’ve come to expect from Pro Clima: it’s vapour-variable, waterproof, suitable for interior or exterior use, dries flexible, and integrates seamlessly with the entire family of Pro Clima adhesives, tapes and membranes.

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Fit to your needs

Liquid-applied air barriers are sought-after due to simplicity and flexibility of application. VISCONN takes extra steps to ensure it’s flexible enough to be the only liquid-applied barrier that you need. Capable of handling a 6’-7” water column, it can be your WRB or pitched monolithic window sill. Given it’s incredible range of permeability (from 0.33 to 25 perms depending relative humidity and thickness of application) and excellent performance in hazardous substance testing, it’s an ideal choice for interior air barrier application. VISCONN can be painted on, or sprayed using an airless sprayer. This versatility makes the complicated transitions easier to cover, such as the multitude of beam penetrations found in masonry retrofit projects.

A Complement To The Catalog of Solutions

In many instances, our tapes and membranes will always remain the best solution for continuous and cost-effective air sealing, but the arrival of VISCONN covers a much-needed gap in the palette of airtightness tools.

Speaking of gaps: VISCONN works with Pro Clima’s solid acrylic tapes to span gaps or cracks in substrates that exceed 1/8" width. Larger gaps should be covered by applying tape over gaps before VISCONN application. ProClima by adding another tool in the Intelligent Airsealing System, this gives an airsealing team more room to maneuver through the range of challenges sent their way. Once dry, VISCONN bonds to the substrate, making a stable surface under air and wind pressure loads, while remaining elastic to ensure it does not risk embrittling over time.

Use VISCONN on any masonry, such as brick, CMU, or cement, and finish with a layer of plaster or paint once VISCONN dries. Dry time may vary depending on thickness and can be easily identified because it changes from blue to a dark navy (nearly black) when dry. VISCON also works well in wood-framed projects, coating rough wood, sheathing, CLT or GUTEX woodfiber board.

For complete details see the VISCONN application guide and spec sheet on the product page here. Get in touch and let us know how VISCONN can help in your next airtight building.