Introduction to ADHERO VISTO

Introduction to ADHERO VISTO

Transparent, self-adhered, airtight membrane, for temporary weather protection of CLT, NLT, and Mass Timber

The rise in interest in mass timber construction (CLT, NLT, dowel laminated timber) is an encouraging development for those interested in viable low-carbon alternatives to concrete and steel. Pro Clima’s forward-thinking R&D Department supports this development in sustainable construction by producing innovative materials that fit leading-edge sustainable building methods. Building with wood reduces embodied carbon, but these wood-based materials need protection from the elements. ADHERO VISTO protects structural wood panels from the elements during the construction process. 

“Building with wood reduces embodied carbon, but these wood-based materials need protection from the elements.”

ADHERO VISTO is a transparent, fully-adhered airtight and watertight membrane that provides temporary weather protection for up to 3 months. Because mass timber floor panels are not pitched, drains or manual removal of standing water must be planned so that ponding water on the ADHERO VISTO membrane is minimized and removed within 24 hours. The full-surface SOLID acrylic adhesion of ADHERO VISTO, has proven very reliable in both TESCON VANA and ADHERO, as it is not water soluble. That assures that precipitation does not spread under the membrane even if it’s punctured during the construction process. Punctures can be easily repaired (as soon as possible) with TESCON VANA.

 ADHERO VISTO is slip resistant even when wet. “Clear as glass” transparency allows visual quality control inspection of the mass timber panel seams, fasteners, and markings below.

ADHERO VISTO is made from a durable waterproofing layer that can withstand >32’ (10m) of water column. Like all Pro Clima WRB/waterproofing membranes, this membrane does not rely on any hydrophobic agents to be waterproof. ADHERO VISTO is a fully adhered membrane and requires pressure activation for the adhesive to properly bond to the substrate.

“Clear as glass” transparency allows visual quality control

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