CONTEGA MULTIBOND: Instantly Bonding, Airtight Joint Adhesive

CONTEGA MULTIBOND: Instantly Bonding, Airtight Joint Adhesive

Ensuring a continuous air barrier is top priority for high-performance building. Joint connections between different materials can be especially challenging points to airseal. Acrylic caulk adhesives can solve some of these problems, but is not always the fastest way to a robust connection.

For example if you're attaching two airtight, vapour-closed surfaces, such as the case with sub-slab vapour barriers, a product that needs to cure out water (CONTEGA HF/classic or other acoustical sealants) may take days to dry and/or will never set properly. CONTEGA MULTIBOND is the ideal for situations that call for speedy application. It's a flexible, instantly bonding, airtight and waterproof joint adhesive suitable for both interior and exterior use. It comes on a pre-cured roll, much like a long, narrow, but slightly fat roll of tape, and is sold in packs of two 32'9" (10m) length rolls - for a total of 65'6" linear feet in each package.



CONTEGA MULTIBOND, easily applied from a roll, forms an instant airtight connection between interior and exterior membranes and adjacent structural elements.

CONTEGA MULTIBOND is a solvent-free, form fitting, frost-resistant airtight adhesive applied from a roll. It's designed for attaching airtight interior membranes and WRBs, such as INTELLO PLUS and SOLITEX MENTO, to adjacent structural elements (metal/concrete)), sub-slab vapour barriers, or sheathing. CONTEGA MULTIBOND will adhere to mineral surfaces such as concrete or plaster, and wood surfaces that are rough or painted. Smooth surfaces like hard plastics, un-rusted/clean/painted metal, and hardwood panels like plywood and OSB are all readily bonded to. The airtight connection forms instantly - no drying time needed (ie ready to blowerdoor) - and achieves its final level of strength after 24 hours.

Low Temperature Application

CONTEGA MULTIBOND can be applied in temperatures as low as 5°F (-15°C), and once applied will perform from -40°F to 212°F (-40°C to 100°C). Solar exposed roofs can reach temperatures in hot climates as over 180°F, so the wide temperature range of MULTIBOND makes it suitable for use in a variety of climates.

Preparing the Substrate


SOLITEX MENTO, an exterior WRB, is applied to a rough surface using CONTEGA MULTIBOND.

As with any air barrier application, it is important that your surface is clean before tapes or adhesives are applied.

Dust & Dirt

Dust and dirt should be swept off of the taping surface, because otherwise the SOLID-acrylic adhesive will tape to them and dust and dirt are not airtight.

Grease & Silicone

Grease and silicone, because they reduce the surface tension of the substrate, compromise the effectiveness of the bond.

Pro Clima backing strips and release paper are also made of silicone - so if your surface has silicone on it, the adhesive will release as designed. Wiping and cleaning grease off of your substrates (some OSB or metal studs) and/or TESCON PRIMER RP to prep them will significantly enhance the strength and durability of the connection.

Rough & Porous

For surfaces that are rough, uneven, or porous, such as masonry or brick, it may be necessary to prime the substrate before attaching CONTEGA MULTIBOND. Although MULTIBOND is designed to attach to rough substrates, and can be pressed into cracks and rough areas, priming the surface with TESCON PRIMER RP is extra insurance against unstable substrates - and assuring airtightness of your assembly. Priming will also be necessary in cases in which the subsurfaces have insufficient load-bearing capacity. For particularly challenging surfaces, two layers of CONTEGA MULTIBOND can be applied on top of each other to ensure a fully sealed, even and durable bond.


For particularly rough surfaces, two layers of CONTEGA MULTIBOND can be applied to one another to ensure permanent airtightness.


CONTEGA MULTIBOND contains no plasticizers, solvents, emulgators or preservatives. It scored top-of-class in the hazardous substances tests, receiving an A+ French VOC emissions rating, and performed very well according the German Committee for Health-Related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB) evaluation scheme.

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CONTEGA MULTIBOND is an indispensable, easy-to-use solution for ensuring airtightness at challenging joint connections. Check out the CONTEGA MULTIBOND product page for more information, and contact us if you would like a small sample to try out for yourself.