Single-Use Plastics Are Out - CONTEGA HF Adhesive Is In

Single-Use Plastics Are Out - CONTEGA HF Adhesive Is In

You can’t tell by looking at the new CONTEGA HF containers, but discarded yogurt cups and soda bottles helped bring this valuable adhesive to your job site. The new black tubes are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. To be more specific, used plastics that were recycled as packaging waste or through the deposit system for single-use bottles now serve as the raw material for high-quality plastic. This plastic is used to produce the new tubes for Pro Clima’s CONTEGA HF adhesive. As well as choosing a quality adhesive and a class A Certified Passive House component, you are actively supporting recycling every time you purchase one of these products.

Saving 14 Tons Of Newly Produced Plastic Annually

The bottom line is that this changeover will save 14 tons of newly produced plastic every year. In concrete terms, this means:

  • Lower energy consumption for production
  • Significantly reduced use of fossil raw materials
  • Shorter transport distances (as the recycled raw material is sourced close to the production location)
  • Support for the circular economy

As the exclusive supplier in North America, 475 is proud that Pro Clima strives to continuously improve their products and is conscious of their own ecological footprint. They have recently stopped using plastic film and paper installation instructions with their products in most cases. In addition, Pro Clima bonding products are packaged almost exclusively in neutral brown cardboard boxes.

100 Years of Adhesive Strength with CONTEGA HF

Studies have proven that CONTEGA HF adhesives offer both superb adhesion and exceptional durability. CONTEGA HF is the latest Pro Clima product to achieve 100-year adhesion, as part of a study to test for the quality assurance of a range of adhesives for airtight layers and verified by independent testing by the University of Kassel. To test this, the University developed a process that subjects adhesive joints to artificial aging for 120 days by applying extreme climate conditions. After this period, the bonds have to fulfill certain minimum strength requirements.

This joint adhesive is ideal for airtight connections between INTELLO PLUS and subfloor structures, or to SOLITEX WRBs and concrete foundations. CONTEGA HF is known for its flexibility and permanent elasticity in creating airtight and waterproof bonds and can also be applied in extreme temperatures [ 14 °F to 122 °F // -10 °C to 50 °C] and can be stored during frosty conditions without any problems.