The Living Building Challenge's Red List building materials is a new and powerful baseline for sustainable ingredients required to make high performance buildings. Obvious materials like asbestos and cadmium jump out, but more common ingredients like PVC, formaldehyde and neoprene might make heads turn. Then there are some of the nasty ingredients related to foam materials, like HCFCs, halogenated flame retardants and phthalates. Yuck!

The Living Building Challenge mandate is simple: don't put this toxic garbage in your building if you want to build sustainably.

Red List Image

We at 475 High Performance Building Supply agree wholeheartedly - as does our air sealing and vapour control product supplier Pro Clima. In fact Pro Clima is a leader in non-toxic and no VOC building materials. The caulking adhesive ECO COLL ingredients are so wholesome, you can practically eat it. (But please don't.) Pro Clima is actively participating in the Sentinel House, a program designed to develop non-toxic environments particularly for the chemically sensitive.

We certify that the Pro Clima products do not incorporate Red List building materials. With them you can reach the highest building enclosure performance without making the environment more toxic.