Pro Clima Tapes: Made to Last

Pro Clima Tapes: Made to Last

Too often, what seems to be a tight seal is not - or if initially tight, loses critical effectiveness over time. To air seal with confidence look to Pro Clima tapes.

Jura's bicylce shoes fixed with ProClima TESCON tape

Comprised of solid acrylic in a patented formulation, Pro Clima airtight tapes have been used for over three decades in automobile and aircraft construction – providing a proven, long lasting seal in conditions markedly more challenging than typical building construction.

While Pro Clima tapes are based on a solid acrylic, other tape manufacturers use acrylic glue with emulsifying agents and water solution, and therefore may be adversely affected if put in contact with moisture. Consequently Pro Clima SOLID acrylic tapes have a higher resistance to moisture on site, not only allowing them to be applied in very humid conditions but will even maintain a reliable seal when exposed to water.

Vana mitten repair

For construction in the winter months, Pro Clima solid acrylic tapes can be properly applied in temperatures down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

30 year performance without significant degradation of bond has been lab confirmed, with rapid age testing - a method independently verified by the Center for Sustainable Construction (Zentrum fuer Umweltbewusstes Bauen or ZUB).

Pro Clima tapes are second to none - built to last.

Tescon Vana exposed to rain and stuck... tape to brick with Tescon primer (Max. 3 month UV-exposure).