How To Use The AEROFIXX Spray And Seal Airtightness Tool

How To Use The AEROFIXX Spray And Seal Airtightness Tool

The AEROFIXX spray and seal application tool makes quick work of difficult and hard-to-reach air sealing jobs. It connects to standard compressors to easily apply liquid-applied airtight membranes anywhere from wall or ceiling surfaces to hard-to-reach gaps. The AEROFIXX is for use with VISCONN and VISCONN FIBRE sausages which is compatible with both interior and exterior application. VISCONN can be applied to CMU, masonry, and junctions, and cures into a flexible air barrier, forming seamless, durable membranes.

Getting Started with The AEROFIXX

Step 1: Before connecting the compressor line, unscrew the large, black cap and make sure the plunger is pushed all the way to the bottom of the cylinder housing. If not, use a cleaning tool (we recommend finding your own like the one seen in the video) to push it down.

Step 2: Load the VISCONN sausage into the AEROFIXX, keeping the tip of the foil exposed. (Note: the inside of the AEROFIXX may require some lubrication if being used for the first time.) Pinch the sausage below the staple and push the contents downwards. Using a pair of scissors, cut the foil just below the staple to allow the VISCONN to be dispensed.

Step 3: Set the large, white, interior nozzle on top of the sausage foil and secure it by screwing the black cap back on. Next, screw the small, white exterior nozzle onto the cap.

Step 4: Connect the AEROFIXX to the compressor line and adjust the pressure and throughput as necessary. Adjust the air pressure and flow rate using the blue knob. To set it at the default pressure, open the blue knob fully and then turn it back a half rotation. Set the compressor to 90-110 psi (max 145 psi.) Adjust the throughput using the white nozzle. Turn it clockwise for a bead or counterclockwise for a spray.

You’re now ready to start airsealing!

Make sure to maintain a distance of 4” (10 cm) from the subsurface and a minimum material thickness of 20 mils. Check the thickness using a VISCONN depth gauge included in the ( AEROFIXX kit). The minimum thickness has been achieved when a seamless, slightly wavy, but non-running surface (“orange peel”) is formed.

Find additional details and instructions on the AEROFIXX product page.