Blowing dense-packed cellulose, it's like magic

Blowing dense-packed cellulose, it's like magic

Infrared image of Cellulose bays not completely filled with densepack behind sheetrock.

With Pro Clima's reinforced intelligent membranes INTELLO Plus, DB+ and the exterior vapour open SOLITEX Plus WRB - dense-packing cellulose becomes easier and verifiable. Since the membranes are flexible, unlike OSB/drywall you can feel the cavity fill up. Once it feels like a rigid mattress you have reached the right density. The semi-translucent INTELLO will also allow you to see the cellulose fill. Both elements make it much easier to check that all bays are properly filled. Sometimes, video's speak louder than words - so please enjoy the show below:

DB+ cellulose installation by - the air is allowed to escape through the pre-cut holes in the membranes, assuring a proper fill of the void.

SOLITEX MENTO Plus wall dense packed and pulled from wall - cellulose stays put, doesn't drop and won't settle.

Cellulose drop test - dense pack doesn't settle, keeps it shape ( Watch video here.

Video of cellulose installation - at 2:03 you can see INTELLO Plus with counterbattens being blown-in. (PS always wear breathing filters/dust masks when blowing in cellulose).