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This tape is being restocked as the new SOLIDO IQ-D. 475 will substitute any rolls of this product with SOLIDO IQ-D if supplies run out.

Suitable for exterior use


Versatile, vapour open, exterior air sealing fleece-backed tape with additional full-surface adhesive that negates the need for a primer in most situations. Similar to CONTEGA SOLIDO EXO but with an additional adhesive strip on the fleece side, allowing for a wider variety of installation methods. Use for exterior use around windows and doors for optimum air sealing and weather protection.


  • Additional adhesive strip allows for zero-reveal taping around windows
  • Adheres to masonry without the need for primer
  • Stretchy, waterproof, vapour-open, air sealing
  • Very watertight, resists more than 2.44 m (8 ft) of water column


  • Exceptional bonding to masonry, concrete, fibrous wood, solid wood, metal, smooth surfaces, and all Pro Clima materials
  • Adheres to many porous, rough and uneven substrates without need for primer (perform adhesion test to confirm)
  • Adhesion test recommended on PVC/fiberglass/alum. window frames ‚Äì production oils/silicone residues might need to be cleaned off for proper long term adhesion


  • vapour open fabric (5 perms) – Sd-value 0.7m (DIN 12572)
  • Adhesive: full-surface on one side, single release strip on fleece side (option without additional adhesive strip CONTEGA SOLIDO EXO)
  • Application temperatures down to -10 °C (14 °F)
  • More than 2.44 m (8 ft) of water column
  • Fleece side can be plastered over for an airtight and seamless and waterproof connection, also in EIFS construction
  • The extra thin fleece allows the tape to be folded in corners and other tight connections
  • Multiple release strips make corners easy: 80 mm roll (2-strip release), 150 mm roll (3-strip release)


80 mm (3 1/8”) x 30 m (98’ 5”)