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The Brink FLAIR 325/400 MERV8 (filter class ISO coarse 60%) filter fabric is coarser than the MERV13 filter and should be used on the home side of the Brink unit. The MERV8 filter fabric traps dust, pet hair, and other particulates from the return air from the home's kitchen and bathrooms before reaching the core and fan. Its function is to protect appliance and keep it clean. The MERV8 filter should be changed at a minimum interval of 6 months. Changing the filter more frequently may be necessary based on indoor contamination sources.

*The Brink FLAIR 325/400 RETURN AIR FILTER FABRIC should always be used with a Brink FILTER FRAME. If you have misplaced your Brink FILTER FRAME that came with the unit, please contact 475 to order a replacement.